SATURDAY, 14.08.2021. second BiH Pride March, from 10:00 to 13:30h

MARCHING ROUTE: Koševo street – Marshal Tito street – Trg BiH 

ARRIVAL AT THE MARCH: As many streets will be closed from 7am to 2pm, you will be able to enter the march via Koševsko brdo, through the tunnel from the Sarajevo main railway station, from the Vogošća direction, as well as from the Patriotske lige and Bolnička streets. Bear in mind that you will be moving much slower than usual so please count this in your arrival time. 

ENTRANCE: There is only one entrance to the pride march which will be located at the start of the Koševo street, at the crossroads of Bolnička and Patriotske lige streets. The entrance is open from 10 to 12h. The entrance will be closed at 12h after which no one will be allowed to enter. We are hoping for your kind understanding. In case you are not able to enter because it is too late, have in mind that you are our pride. <3

GATHERING: After you pass the entrance, the gathering will be at the park next to the Second Gymnasium, our volunteers and protest monitors will guide you to the exact location. At the park we will have a hangout with music. There, it will be possible to take protest signs, flags and other promotional material. It will be hot on Saturday, so please bring sunscreen, a cap or a small umbrella. 

ROUTE: At 12h we start marching from the Koševo street, we march through Koševo streets to its crossroads with Tito’s street where we turn right next to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (Trg BiH).

TRG BIH: When we arrive at Trg BiH, as in 2019, two members of the OC of the BiH Pride March will give speeches followed by a short music program.

END OF THE MARCH: This year’s BiH Pride March ends after the music program and we kindly ask you to go to your safe locations following the instructions of our protest monitors. 

In order to prevent violence and for your own safety, please do not carry or wear any LGBTIQ symbols before arriving nor after leaving the march.

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