Dear all, we hereby notify you on the ways of arrival to the BiH Pride March.

Please carefully read all technical, safety and other instructions for your arrival and participation.


BiH Pride March will be held on 14 August in Sarajevo, and will begin at 12:00. Only one entrance will be active, from 10:00 to 12:00. The entrance will be closed exactly at 12:00, after which no one will be able to enter the BiH Pride March. Please arrive on time, as many streets will be closed, therefore you will need more time to arrive at the gathering spot.

The location of the entrance and the route will be announced on Friday, 13 August, on our website as well as the social media accounts of the BiH Pride March.

We recommend that you arrive at the gathering spot in groups. Please keep attention on who you are talking to and with whom you are sharing the information on the arrival to the March. Use online maps in case you are not sure where exactly we are gathering. 

Public transportation will be limited on the day of the Pride March, so we recommend that you arrive either on foot or by taxi. In case you are arriving with your own car, you will have to park quite far away from the entrance; please bear this in mind for planning the ETA to the entrance. 


The Pride March is secured by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sarajevo Canton, and at the entrance there will be our protest monitors whom you can recognize by their fluorescent vests.

In order to participate and walk with us, you must have one of the following:

  1. Negative PCR test, issued no more than 72 hours prior to the Pride March
  2. Negative antigen test, issued no more than 24 hours prior to the Pride March
  3. Proof that you have recovered from a COVID-19 infection, issued no more than 6 months prior to the Pride March
  4. Proof of receiving the first vaccine shot, issued more than 14 days before the Pride March
  5. Proof of receiving the second vaccine shot

Unfortunately, we are not able to cover the costs of PCR or antigen tests, and we hope that, in case you have not been vaccinated and have not had COVID-19, you will be able to cover these costs on your own.


Bring as few personal belongings as possible. Please do not carry bottles, scissors, nail care tools, deodorant, pepper spray or any other self-defense tools, nor any other item with which you can inflict physical injuries or endanger the safety of other participants of the Pride March, as they will be taken away upon entrance by the protest monitors. 

Water bottles will be provided. As it will be very warm, we recommend that you bring sunscreen, a cap or a small umbrella. 

You do not have to bring flags and protest signs, they will be provided at the Pride March. However, if you do have a protest sign, please contact us via our communication channels (our e-mail or our social media) so that you can bring them to us one day before the Pride March at the latest, and receive it at the gathering spot. 


There is no program planned after the Pride March, so we kindly ask you to go to your homes or to a safe space and, by the end of the day, pay attention to your surroundings. 


We kindly ask you not to wear or carry any visible LGBTIQ symbols to the gathering spot, but put them in non-transparent bags. Also, upon leaving the Pride March, please take off all visible LGBTIQ symbols and return them into your non-transparent bags. 

We recommend that you do not consume alcohol or any substances that affect your reasoning before, during and after the Pride March!

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sarajevo Canton is the competent body which entirely secures the protest walk, BiH Pride March. 

In case you notice any persons who endanger, or you believe they might endanger the assembly, report them to the closest protest monitor (persons wearing orange or yellow vests).

We ask you that, for your own safety, do not respond to verbal provocations, in case there are any. In case of attack or any other inconvenience outside of the secure space of the Pride March, immediately contact the police by dialing 122 (also notify them in case the ambulance is needed), and contact the Organizing Committee of the Pride March at 063 907 880 number. Direct number of the ambulance is 124.

During the gathering, the March, and upon leaving, please carefully follow the instructions by the police, security officers and protest monitors. 

We also ask you to follow the instructions given by the protest monitors and the current epidemiological measures (2m distance; please wear a mask in case physical distancing is not possible).

Once again, we invite you to join us in our march and fight for freedom, equality and love. See you on 14 August in Sarajevo, because this is resistance from the margin!

#bihpridemarch #resistancefromthemargin


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