Stop the suppression and deprivation of the rights of trans and intersex people in Hungary

Transgender people face various forms of violence, from physical and psychological oppression, through legal non-recognition, administrative barriers which arise from it, to the lack of sensitized and proper support services. Expecting from transgender people or anyone else who does not belong to the current canon to fit the given binary norm is nothing but violence! The binary view of gender is in fact often a manifesto of a persistent strong patriarchal culture.

This act of the Hungarian Parliament is a prime example of  the institutionalization of transphobia. Hungarian Parliament, at the end of May, defined sex through law as a category derived from birth and based on the primary characteristics of sex and chromosomes. By doing so, the Hungarian Parliament defined the reality lived by transgender and intersex people, and by the adopted law made it impossible to change the gender label in personal documents. Inconsistency of the gender label in personal documents, with the expressing of gender, will mark any identification with many troubles for trans and intersex people, such as, that others would demand further explanation from trans and intersex people, it would also lead to involuntarily outing and it would endanger the safety of trans and intersex people.

This definition of gender strikes integrity of all transgender and intersex people, as well as all others who do not feel that their gender identity is patriarchal binary or in accordance with the ascribed gender label. In such a manner, a clear message is sent that differences are not welcome, and that society would further be homogenized. Such ideas, throughout history, have so far ended fatally!

Members of the Organizing Committee of BiH Pride March strongly condemn passing legalisation of this law, which denies the right to private and family life of trans and intersex people in Hungary.

So, let’s raise our voice against transphobia.

Sign the petition and support trans and intersex people and activists from Hungary.

In protest against Article 33, which suppresses the rights of trans and intersex people in Hungary, members of the Organizing Committee of BiH Pride March with this visual action send support to the LGBTIQ community in Hungary.

In solidarity,

BIH Pride March

#IgentaNemre #LGRforHungar

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