BiH Pride March is a protest whose goal is to point out the unequal position of LGBTIQ persons and all other marginalized groups in our society, whose rights, in the midst of the pandemic, are further undermined and devalued.

The Organizing Committee of the Second BiH Pride March has been working devotedly and responsibly on organizing the Pride March, fully adhering to all recommended measures.

Many internal meetings are behind us, as well as many meetings with competent institutions and the international community. In the previous period we have actively talked to the LGBTIQ persons and our compatriots and, from the very moment of announcement of the Pride March, we were aware of the specificity of organizing something under these challenging and unforgiving circumstances. Together, in cooperation with our allies, we questioned and developed the organization of the Second BiH Pride March having every detail in mind, from the public perception and the support that we expected, the influence on the LGBTIQ community, institutional obstacles, epidemiological measures, to the importance and necessity of continued drawing attention to the problems which the community faces, which have been further aggravated after coronavirus outbreak.

Aware of the currently worsened epidemiological situation, as responsible citizens and activists, in the name of solidarity with all those who are victims of the pandemic and negligence of the political system in various ways, with concern for the LGBTIQ community which, besides the systemic oversights suffers the consequences of homophobia, we made the decision to postpone the Second BiH Pride March.

The Second BiH Pride March, as a mass public protest for human rights, is put off for when the epidemiological situation in the country is satisfactory, and you will be duly informed on the exact date.

It is important to emphasize that we, as activists, are aware of the suppressing of civil activism and freedoms in our society, just as we are aware of the fact that repressing freedom of public assembly has become more increased during the pandemic. That is why, in the following period, in solidarity with all groups whose right on public assembly is deprived, we will organize public topical discussions which will problematize and deconstruct the question of right and freedom of assembly. Furthermore, in the following period, we will share the problems and obstacles we faced during the organization of the Second BiH Pride March, which, apart from the lack of understanding by the society, include the institutional resistance, discrimination, unequal treatment and homophobia.

Precisely because the importance of struggle and the compromising of rights and everyday lives of LGBTIQ persons who are the inseparable part of society and who are impacted by all socialissues, BiH Pride March, although not in its intended form, will be celebrated on 23. 08. by a series of activities. You will be timely notified on the contents of the program.

We emphasize that, as conscientious and responsible citizens, we postpone the Pride March because of the epidemiological situation, but we are also turning attention to a number of problems which are the reality of organizing public LGBTIQ events. BiH Pride March is not seen by the competent authorities as a protest for human rights, thus, under the excuse of the Pride March being a high-risk event, they impose additional security measures, which are not imposed on any other gathering characterized as a high-risk assembly. At the same time, we are often faced with the institutional silence, rejection of demands and the administrative battle through which the other assemblies do not go through. We are burdened by unrealistic demands which, in the end, hinder our right on freedom of assembly and protection by the country. We, the LGBTIQ persons have been going out in the streets and we will keep doing so, but it is important to emphasize that we are the only ones who need to pay in order to go out in the streets and exercise our right on freedom of assembly.

As a very young collective consisting of activists who have been fighting for the rights of the marginalized groups for years, we believe that this problem will not cease to exist, with or without the pandemic, and that it represents harsh violation of the right of public assembly, and institutional homophobia.

That is why we still think that it is important to point out all of these problems, the social and structural violence. That is why we will keep fighting for the amendment of the institutional laws and practices, in order to ensure equal treatment for everyone, including the LGBTIQ community.

In the spirit of solidarity, we invite all those who are on the side of fighting for the human rights of all of us to contact us and together with us be a part of the fight and the actions that we will dedicate ourselves to in the following period

We will not give up on the fight for freedom and a better life for everyone, because no one’s life is not, nor can it be within four walls!

In solidarity,

Organizing Committee of the Second BiH Pride March

Amar Ćatović, Vanja Stokić, Dajana Bakić, Ena Hasković, Kerim Hodžić, Melani Isović, Jadranka Milićević, Verda Dolarević, Ena Bavčić, Milica Pralica, Branko Ćulibrk, Maida Zagorac, Ajdin Arnautović, Bisera Hodžić, Azra Ćulov, Mirza Halilčević, Elmaja Bavčić, Lejla Huremović

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